November 2019

November 11, 2019

World’s first metabolism-based glyphosate resistance discovered

Wine casks, plastic banknotes, WiFi, the refrigerator, lawnmower and the humble ute (pickup truck) are all Australian, world-first inventions. Which of these makes the biggest difference in your life? As long as it’s not the wine cask you’re doing just fine!

We now have a world first in herbicide resistance. research by visiting Chinese researcher to AHRI, Dr Pan Lang under the watchful eye of Qin Yu, concluded that they were looking at the world’s first case of metabolism-based resistance to glyphosate. The culprit? Click through to find out!

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AHRI Insight

November 4, 2019

Glyphosate and fitness – the quest continues

Fitness is a big thing amongst the AHRI Comms team. We have bike riders, runners, a kitesurfer, a netballer, a touch footy player – and there’s only seven of us.

Fitness is also a big thing in the world of herbicide resistance.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve talked so much about herbicide resistance and fitness in past AHRI Insights. In particular, how certain types of glyphosate resistance result in a fitness penalty, where resistant plants are weaker and more susceptible to competition from other plants.

Unfortunately, not all types of glyphosate resistance impose a fitness penalty. Click through to learn more.

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