April 2020

April 20, 2020

New-comers causing trouble

How long have you lived where you live? If you’re a long-time local you will have seen new people come and go – some are gone before you get to know them and others stay and find their niche in the community.

Weed communities also change over time and it can take some effort to get to know and understand the new-comers. Will they thrive? Do they fit in? Will they disrupt the way things are done? Or will they go away again, almost unnoticed?

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A team of DPIRD researchers, led by Dr Catherine Borger has quantified the impact of five weed species of emerging importance in the WA grains belt.
AHRI Insight

April 7, 2020

Diflufenican resistance in wild radish is by P450s

In 1999 I was refuelling my car at a petrol station in Geraldton when I bumped into Dave, a technician with the local Department of Ag. Dave told me he had just returned from a trial where wild radish had survived 600 mL/ha of diflufenican (e.g. Brodal®). This was three times the maximum label rate and six times the common use rate at the time. I could see the entire lupin industry unravelling in front of my eyes. Lupins were a huge success story on our sandplain soils in the area, wild radish was their main Achilles heel…

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