AHRI 2021 Wrap-Up

The AHRI Team

The AHRI Team wishes you a happy and safe new year!

Written by: Jessica Scholle

Despite the challenges COVID-19 presented in 2021, our researchers continued their research and published throughout the year.

From the identification of the P450 gene responsible for cross-resistance to five modes of action in annual ryegrass to the world-first discovery of glyphosate-resistant capeweed and novel research on herbicide mixtures, 2021 sure was a year of many discoveries.

Below, we have collated our most popular insights, podcasts and publications of 2021.

We already have lots of exciting new research in the bank, so this post will let you catch up on the 2021 highlights before we start sharing our research outcomes of 2022!

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Most loved AHRI Insights

Each month, we decode our research papers and outline the practical outcomes for the field in our newsletter, AHRI Insight.

The most popular AHRI Insights of 2021 were:


Most downloaded podcasts

The AHRI Snapshots podcast provides information on our research at AHRI, as well as exploring what other researchers in weed science are up to around the country.

Here are the most popular episodes of 2021:

AHRI Snapshots podcast


Most read publications

Working across a wide area of crop weed research, AHRI produces a large number of publications each year.

Our most read 2021 publications were:


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