AHRI’s top performing insights and podcasts for 2019

Written by: Jessica Strauss – AHRI Communications Lead

We’ve had a fantastic year at AHRI from a research and communications perspective, so we thought it would be fitting to run through some of our top-performing AHRI insights and AHRI Snapshots podcasts for 2019. Below you’ll first be able to run through our Top 5 AHRI insights. This year we had three writers contributing to AHRI insight, those being, Peter Newman, Cindy Benjamin and Kirrily Condon (and our guest writer, Katherine Hollaway). They’ve done fantastic work this year bringing you the latest news in weeds research from across the country and world by putting it into fun and informative pieces of writing and short videos.

The AHRI team covered a great range of topics throughout the year, but a few themes in the top-performing posts popped up and those were related to crop competition and mixing herbicides.

Scrolling down a bit further, you’ll be able to see our top-performing AHRI Snapshots podcasts. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the podcast, why not start off by listening to our Top 5? The podcast is presented and produced by AHRI Communications Lead, Jessica Strauss. A range of experts are interviewed on the podcast, from researchers to champion farmers and PhD candidates.

The top 5 podcasts this year covered a range of research findings and topics. It was great to see so much interest in the podcast with Roberto Busi on resistance testing and we hope this plays a part in spurring on more resistance testing to be conducted in the future.

It was also fantastic to see two of AHRI’s PhD students feature in the top 5 podcasts. Dr Jinyi Chen, who was a PhD candidate at the time of recording, spoke about her work on trifluralin resistance and current PhD candidate, Huan Lu, shed some light on atrazine resistant wild radish.

Thank you to all our blog and podcast subscribers for engaging with our content for 2019. We would love for you to encourage others who might find our content helpful to subscribe to the blog and podcast on their podcast app of choice (click to subscribe with Apple here or SoundCloud here) so they too can find out about the latest in weeds research in 2020.

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to all the researchers, farmers and agronomists who have been interviewed or helped contribute to our content throughout the year.

In closing, we hope you have a lovely festive season and a happy new year. We’ll be bringing you more content in 2020! In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us by following us on Twitter.

Season’s greetings from the AHRI Team

Top 5 AHRI insights 

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