Gene discovery for herbicide resistance

January 17, 2022

AHRI 2021 Wrap-Up

Written by: Jessica Scholle Despite the challenges COVID-19 presented in 2021, our researchers continued their research and published throughout the year. From the identification of…

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The AHRI Team

March 31, 2021

2,4-D synergises metribuzin

Synergy between herbicides is rare, but extremely sort after and this synergy is often claimed but it takes a specific research technique to confirm the synergy. Australian farmers and agronomists have previously observed synergy between phenoxy herbicides (2,4-D) and PSII herbicides (Group C / Group 3 herbicides such as metribuzin) and now we know why, thanks to this new AHRI research.

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AHRI Insight

February 1, 2021

We’ve cracked the P450 code

About 35 years ago a ryegrass population that had been sprayed several times with Hoegrass® (Diclofop) became resistant to that herbicide and cross resistant to Glean (chlorsulfuron) before Glean® or any other ALS herbicide had ever been used in Australia.

P450 enzymes were suspected to be the cause of this cross resistance but it has taken until now to get the definitive evidence.

A very patient group of researchers led by Heping Han from AHRI, including researchers from Bayer and Zheijiang University in China have identified the P450 gene responsible for cross resistance to herbicides of at least five modes of action.

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AHRI Insight

December 18, 2020

AHRI 2020 Wrap Up

Despite the challenges 2020 presented, there continued to be excellent research which was published throughout the year. In this post we have collated our top five most read AHRI insights and our top five most listened to podcasts for 2020.

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