AHRI seminar: Harnessing genomics to improve weed management, Dr Todd Gaines

Can sprayable nucleic acids kill weeds or reverse herbicide resistance?

When: Thursday 30 March

Where: UWA Bayliss Lecture Theatre (see map).

About the lecture

While herbicides are the most effective and widely adopted weed management practice, the evolution of multiple herbicide resistance in damaging weed species threatens the yield and profitability of many crops.

This seminar will discuss how genomics and molecular biology can contribute to improving weed management.

The International Weed Genomics Consortium (IWGC) is a public-private collaboration with the vision to 1) develop genomics resources for major weed species, 2) make the data and analysis tools broadly available, and 3) to foster networking and training for weed scientists to use genomics tools.

Through the IWGC and collaborating groups, 26 weed species now have high-quality annotated reference genomes. The availability of this information provides opportunities for future research, with three specific areas to be discussed.

The first area is developing and improving rapid, in-field herbicide resistance diagnostics to assist on-farm decision-making.

The second area is developing next-generation herbicides using sprayable RNA-targeting technology.

The third area is using advances in understanding of herbicide resistance mechanisms to develop strategies to overcome or reverse resistance, whether through herbicide mixtures, RNA-targeting, or chemical inhibitors of herbicide metabolism.

About the lecturer

Dr Todd Gaines is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Biology at Colorado State University. His specialisation is in molecular weed science and functional weed genomics. He completed his PhD at CSU, followed by post-docs in Western Australia (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative with Prof. Stephen Powles) and Germany (Bayer CropScience). Todd is currently at UWA and AHRI as a visiting scientist on sabbatical leave from CSU.


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Crop Protection Forum 2023 – date to be advised.

Knowing how best to respond and manage resistance isn’t always straightforward. With a diversity of research and advice on managing resistance out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

For its 9th year, the Crop Protection Forum will be focused on providing growers and advisors with the most up-to-date information across the insecticide, fungicide and herbicide resistance space, and responding to concerns about management issues.

This will be a full day event, with speakers from across Australia and local panelists to discuss management issues.

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