brome grass

Distribution, frequency and molecular basis of clethodim and quizalofop resistance in brome grass (Bromus diandrus)

The identification of target-site-based herbicide resistance in another polyploid weed species provides an opportunity for closer examination of how rapidly resistance evolves in these species under field conditions.

Concurrent evolution of seed dormancy and herbicide resistance in field populations of dominant weed species in Western Australian cropping systems

Roberto Lujan Rocha

This study evaluates the interaction among developing herbicide resistance, seed size and seed dormancy of ripgut brome, wild oat and hare barley collected from within intensively-managed fields (in-crop) in comparison with populations in surrounding ruderal (non-crop disturbed) areas with no history of exposure to herbicides within the Western Australian grainbelt.

Non-target site based resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides in six Bromus rigidus

Bromus rigidus is a common weed species that has increased in cropping fields owing to limited control options. During a random field survey inWestern Australia, sixB. rigiduspopulations that had survived in-crop weed control programmes were collected. The study aimed to determine the resistance profile of these six populations.

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