eleusine indica

A naturally evolved mutation (Ser-59-Gly) in glutamine synthetase confers glufosinate resistance in plants

Dr Chun Zhang

Glufosinate is an important and widely used non-selective herbicide active on a wide range of plant species. Resistance evolution to glufosinate in weedy plant species (including the global weed Eleusine indica) is underway. AHRI researchers established the molecular basis of target-site glufosinate resistance in Eleusine indica.

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Evolution of a double amino acid substitution in the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase in Eleusine indica conferring high-level glyphosate resistance

Researcher looking at samples

Glyphosate is the most important and widely used herbicide in world agriculture. Intensive glyphosate selection has resulted in the widespread evolution of glyphosate-resistant weed populations, threatening the sustainability of this valuable once-in-acentury agrochemical. Field-evolved glyphosate resistance due to known resistance mechanisms is generally low to modest.

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