Agronomy solutions for weed control in crops

Improving farming systems to increase profitability

This team conducts field and laboratory trials to improve farming systems and increase crop profitability. The team seeks to enhance weed-competitiveness of crops, understand weed life-cycle adaptations, and optimise and prolong the life of pre and post-emergent herbicides.

Utilising new tools to map weeds through remote-sensing and site-specific technology will provide data to measure the impact of these solutions.  The aim is to develop farming systems with reduced herbicide dependency.

The AHRI Agronomy team is led by Dr Mike Ashworth and includes Research Officer, Roberto Lujan Rocha and Technical Officer, Shane Baxter.


Dr Mike Ashworth explores solutions for weed control in crops with a focus on the evolution of annual ryegrass and wild radish in our cropping systems. This video looks at how growers can use this information to make strategic weed management decisions.


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