Gene discovery for herbicide resistance

Genes drive herbicide resistance mechanisms

Understanding the mechanisms of resistance starts with assessing whether resistance is due to changes at the herbicide enzyme target site (target site resistance) or due to changes elsewhere in the plant (non-target site resistance). AHRI focuses on annual ryegrass and wild radish, but also researches wild oats and other weed species.

The Gene Discovery for Herbicide Resistance team is led by Principal Research Fellow Dr Qin Yu and Research Associate Dr Heping Han, with advice from Professor Stephen Powles. They investigate resistance mechanisms in current and new herbicide-resistant weed biotypes, using biochemical and molecular analysis.

Dr Qin Yu and Professor Lang Pan

Upstream of the dimmer switch

Multiple metabolic enzymes can be involved in cross-resistance to 4‑Hydroxyphenylpyruvate-Dioxygenase-inhibiting herbicides in wild radish

Dr Qin Yu and Professor Lang Pan

Metabolic resistance to acetolactate synthase inhibitors in Beckmannia syzigachne: identification of CYP81Q32 and its transcription regulation

Dr Qin Yu and Dr Heping Han

Metabolic glyphosate resistant ryegrass – it’s all about expression

Dr Mechelle Owen

AHRI 2022 wrap-up: a year in review

Dr Qin Yu and Dr Heping Han

Aldo-keto reductase may contribute to glyphosate resistance in Lolium rigidum

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