Gene discovery for herbicide resistance

Understanding the biochemical and then the molecular basis of resistance commences with identifying whether resistance is due to changes at the herbicide enzyme target site (target site resistance) or due to changes elsewhere in the plant (non-target site resistance). There is a focus on ryegrass and wild radish but extending to include wild oats and other weed species.

The AHRI Gene Discovery team is lead by Principal Research Fellow Dr Qin Yu and Research Associate Dr Heping Han with advice from Professor Stephen Powles. This team works hard to investigate mechanisms of resistance in current and new herbicide resistant weed biotypes and gain fundamental insights into resistance mechanisms and evolution.

The AHRI Team

AHRI 2021 Wrap-Up

Dr Danica Goggin

Dr Danica Goggin gives an update on her research looking at the metabolism of pyroxasulfone.

Dr Candy Taylor

Dr Candy Taylor explains her research on 2,4-D resistance in wild radish

AHRI Director Hugh Beckie reflects on 2021

Dr Qin Yu

Gene Discovery for Herbicide Resistance, with Dr Qin Yu

Dr Danica Goggin

Plant Biochemistry and Resistance Mechanisms, with Dr Danica Goggin

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