Herbicide resistance mechanisms

Understanding the biochemistry of herbicide resistance

Plants are engaged in constant chemical warfare with the world around them, and weeds are no exception. This research program investigates how crop weeds modify the herbicides that they encounter, and whether this can lead to metabolic herbicide resistance.

With the recent introduction of new herbicides for control of annual ryegrass, we are currently focusing on the fate of pre-emergence herbicides in resistant weed populations identified in AHRI’s Herbicide Evolution and Technology program.

The Herbicide Resistance Mechanisms team is led by Dr Danica Googin.

Early shedding wild radish

Pyroxasulfone metabolism in resistant Lolium rigidum: is it all down to GST activity?

Dr Danica Goggin

The search for synergists to 2,4-D

Dr Danica Goggin

Exploring chemical control of 2,4-D-resistant wild radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) with auxin-related compounds

What do we do with weed genomes?

How scientists are studying summer weeds to predict and mitigate future resistance

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