Watch the Crop Protection Forum 2022 recordings

Knowing how best to respond and manage resistance isn’t always straightforward. With a diversity of research and advice on managing resistance out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

For its 8th year, the Crop Protection Forum took place in Wagga Wagga in November 2022. The event provided growers and advisors with the most up-to-date information across the insecticide, fungicide and herbicide resistance space, and responding to concerns about management issues.

Video recordings

The recordings of the presentations are available in the playlist above. The order of the recordings is as follows:

  1. Predicting the risk of pesticide resistance in agricultural arthropod pests, Dr Joshua Thia
  2. Insecticide resistance in grain crops, Associate Professor Paul Umina
  3. Tackling herbicide resistance head-on – Trials and tribulations of the latest on-farm weed management solutions, Jana Dixon
  4. Fungicide resistance or resistance to change?, Associate Professor Fran Lopez-Ruiz
  5. Herbicide resistance survey and findings, Professor Chris Preston
  6. IDM strategies for key necrotrophic disease of wheat in southern NSW, Brad Baxter
  7. Fungicide resistance in cereal pathogens, Steven Simpfendorfer
  8. Helicoverpa armigera and Fall Armyworm resistance update 2022 – 23, Dr Lisa Bird

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