Webinar: First cases of glyphosate and paraquat resistant ryegrass in WA

For the first time in Western Australia, annual ryegrass from a cropped paddock was found to be resistant to glyphosate and paraquat (among other modes of action).

Farmanco Agronomist Consultant Brent Pritchard provides some context on how this resistance evolved in the field.

AHRI Senior Research Fellow Dr Roberto Busi presents the preliminary results he obtained in recent glasshouse trials, which aimed to characterise the resistance.

Roberto will conduct two field trials in 2022. He explains what treatments he is planning to test, including different double knocks options.

The webinar was hosted by WeedSmart western extension agronomist, Peter Newman.

Topics covered include:

  • History of the paddocks where the two cases of dual resistance were found
  • Results of pot trials (resistance tests done in the glasshouse)
  • Plans for field trials

Posted in: AHRI News, Herbicide evolution and technology

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