ALS herbicide resistance mutations in Raphanus raphanistrum: evaluation of pleiotropic effects on vegetative growth and ALS activity

Gene mutations that endow herbicide resistance may cause pleiotropic effects on plant ecology and physiology. This paper reports on the effect of a number of known and novel target-site resistance mutations of the ALS gene (Ala-122-Tyr, Pro-197-Ser, Asp-376-Glu or Trp-574-Leu) on vegetative growth traits of the weed Raphanus raphanistrum.

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Cross-resistance to prosulfocarb and triallate in pyroxasulfone-resistant Lolium rigidum

Roberto Busi weighs seeds in lab

Plants can rapidly evolve resistance to herbicide in response to repeated selection. This study focuses on cross-resistance patterns observed in Lolium rigidum following pyroxasulfone recurrent selection.

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