iHSD Mill Efficacy on the Seeds of Australian Cropping System Weeds

This research paper, “iHSD mill efficacy on the seeds of Australian cropping system weeds” by M Walsh, J Broster, S Powles, quantifies the efficacy of Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) mills in destroying weed seed in the grain harvester chaff fraction.

In earlier work with a trailing HSD unit, Walsh et al established high HSD weed seed kill. Since then the HSD mill has been incorporated into the rear of the grain harvester, termed the iHSD.

Here, working with the iHSD both infield lab test conditions and in commercial grain harvest, the efficacy of the iHSD in destroying weed seeds in the chaff fraction was evaluated.

When operating at 3000 rpm the iHSD was established to give very high kill of a range of common weed seeds within the chaff fraction of several crop species.  Efficacy was maintained at varying levels of chaff moisture content and chaff type.

The iHSD is now commercialised in Australia and several units are being tested in other nations.

Keywords: Harrington seed destructor, harvest, harvest weed seed control, HWSC, ihsd

Publication Year: 2017

Authors: M Walsh, J Broster, S Powles

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