Farming without Glyphosate?

Our first paper for 2020 is entitled “Farming without glyphosate?” and is written by Prof Hugh Beckie, Assoc Prof Ken Flower and Dr Michael Ashworth.

With glyphosate currently under intense scrutiny worldwide from an environmental and health perspective, the paper’s authors contemplate possible scenarios of farming without our most important and popular herbicide.

The review describes glyphosate usage globally since 1974 and highlights how the herbicide has changed the way agronomic crops are produced in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Oceania region. The authors describe possible alternatives to glyphosate in southern Australian grain cropping systems, followed by case study scenarios of farming without glyphosate using the RIM model. Lastly, the paper suggests some future directions for RDE for the possible transitioning from farming with glyphosate to farming without glyphosate or key herbicides in general.

Keywords: glyphosate ban, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, maximum residue level, social license

Publication Year: 2020

Authors: Prof Hugh Beckie, Assoc Prof Ken Flower and Dr Michael Ashworth

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