Increased carrier volume improves pre-emergence control of Lolium rigidum in zero-tillage seeding systems

With the ever-increasing evolution of resistance to post-emergent herbicides there is in several parts of the world an increase in pre-emergent herbicide use.

Of course, it is necessary to achieve high efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides (start clean) as well as diversity and rotation in their use to help their sustainability.

In this paper, Catherine Borger details that under Australian conditions pre-emergent herbicide efficacy is dependent on water volume, with increasing herbicide efficacy with increasing water volume. Maximising pre-emergent herbicide efficacy is important and Catherine Borger shows that appropriate total water volumes can be one important factor in achieving efficacy.

Weed Technology, 27:649-655

Keywords: Crop stubble residue, minimum tillage seeding system, nozzle, spray quality, water rate, water-sensitive paper, weed control

Publication Year: 2013

Authors: C Borger, G Riethmuller, M Ashworth, D Minkey, A Hashem, S Powles

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